Raising the bar snack

We raise the bar snack with our bold and indulgent spiced nuts, crafted from the finest ingredients. Our pharmacist-come-founder Divya’s magic approach is nestled in a little known sweet spot where food and science meet. Each recipe balances her passion for flavour, alongside an encyclopaedic knowledge our nutritional needs to create spiced nuts that sit in league of their own, they redefine taste and quality. They are rich and tonal in flavour, satiating and energising in substance, and healthy and natural in make-up. 

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Made with REAL truffle

Sourced from a small Italian family farm completely protected from industrial agriculture, these are the earthiest more indulgent truffle nuts. Our cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is infused with the finest white shavings of truffle whilst our sea salt, the finest black shavings.

Maple Truffle Almonds & Cashews
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    Rich and tonal in flavour, satiating and energising in substance, and healthy and natural in makeup. 


    From cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils to organic truffle sourced from small farms, we only used the best.


    Sprinkle the extra seasoning to your favourite dish for a flavour hit! Re-purpose or recycle your packaging.

    A pinch of inspiration 

Nut-thing beats having a bundle on hand!

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  • The Indian Tiger

    With the intensity of its gaze, striking pattern, colours, and ferocious presence, the allure of the tiger embodies our fierce, fiery and vibrant masala nuts. 

    Masala Cashews & Almonds 
  • The Canadian Bear

    A tribute to the Canadian bear - bold, robust, and unapologetically indulgent. Embrace your inner wild wonderer with every bite of our Maple Truffle Nuts, as you are transported to the expansive Canadian wilderness.

    Maple Truffle Cashews & Almonds 
  • The Mediterranean Rabbit

    Like a rabbit hopping through a rosemary garden, our smoked rosemary almonds are full of energy and floral aromas. A sensory experience that immerses you in the beauty of nature.

    Smoked Rosemary Almonds 
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