Bridging the gap between healthy snacks and indulgent treats.

Heartfull are on a mission to curate flavours that go beyond the expected. Bold flavours from across the globe. Created from the best natural ingredients. Nothing half hearted.

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Made with real truffle

Sourced from a small Italian family farm. Slow roasted cashews and almonds infused with truffle & maple syrup. An earthy-sweet love affair of Quebec & Provence.

Maple Truffle Almonds & Cashews
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    We curate flavours that go beyond the expected using innovative cooking techniques to bring you real depth of flavour.


    Vegan | Gluten-Free | Keto-Friendly


    Sprinkle the extra seasoning to your favourite dish for a flavour hit! Re-purpose or recycle your packaging.

    A pinch of inspiration 

Nut-thing beats having a bundle on hand!

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  • The Indian Tiger

    With the intensity of its gaze, striking pattern, colours, and ferocious presence, the allure of the tiger embodies our fierce, fiery and vibrant masala nuts. 

    Masala Cashews & Almonds 
  • The Canadian Bear

    A tribute to the Canadian bear - bold, robust, and unapologetically indulgent. Embrace your inner wild wonderer with every bite of our Maple Truffle Nuts, as you are transported to the expansive Canadian wilderness.

    Maple Truffle Cashews & Almonds 
  • The Mediterranean Rabbit

    Like a rabbit hopping through a rosemary garden, our smoked rosemary almonds are full of energy and floral aromas. A sensory experience that immerses you in the beauty of nature.

    Smoked Rosemary Almonds 
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