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Heartfull are on a mission to curate flavours that go beyond the expected. Bold flavours from across the globe. Created from the best natural ingredients. Nothing half hearted.

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    We curate flavours that go beyond the expected using innovative cooking techniques to bring you real depth of flavour.


    Vegan | Gluten-Free


    Sprinkle the extra seasoning to your favourite dish for a flavour hit! Re-purpose or recycle your packaging.

    A touch of inspiration 

Made with real truffle

Sourced from a small Italian family farm. Slow roasted cashews and almonds infused with truffle & maple syrup. An earthy-sweet love affair of Quebec & Provence.

Maple Truffle Almonds & Cashews
  • The Indian Tiger

    With the intensity of its gaze, striking pattern, colours, and ferocious presence, the allure of the tiger embodies our fierce, fiery and vibrant masala nuts. 

    Masala Cashews & Almonds 
  • The Canadian Bear

    A tribute to the Canadian bear - bold, robust, and unapologetically indulgent. Embrace your inner wild wonderer with every bite of our Maple Truffle Nuts, as you are transported to the expansive Canadian wilderness.

    Maple Truffle Cashews & Almonds 
  • The Mediterranean Rabbit

    Like a rabbit hopping through a rosemary garden, our smoked rosemary almonds are full of energy and floral aromas. A sensory experience that immerses you in the beauty of nature.

    Smoked Rosemary Almonds 
  • The Italian Wolf

    Just as the wolf prowls through the rugged Italian countryside with its powerful physique, these rich tomatoes symbolise the lavish culinary heritage of Italy and untamed essence of the Italian wolf in every bite.

    Balsamic Sun-Dried Tomatoes 
  • The Mexican Jaguar

    Fierce and flavourful smoky chipotle sun-dried tomatoes, inspired by the sleek and powerful jaguar. The intense smoky heat encapsulates the wild spirit of the Mexican jungle, as it awakens your taste buds just like the fierce predator it embodies.

    Chipotle Sun-Dried Tomatoes 
  • The Golden Eagle

    As with the Golden Eagle, these sun-dried tomatoes are a symbol of strength and excellence in the culinary world. The perfect blend of Mediterranean flavours will transport your taste buds to the soaring heights of a Golden Eagle flying across the Mediterranean.

    Garlic & Herb Sun-Dried Tomatoes 
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